Our goal is to enable people around the world to access market opportunities. We provide our client with a wide variety of quality of life benefits, including time-off options and perks to help them manage their lives.

Four main commitments set us apart

  • Our Teammates and Training Resources allow our clients to advance both their knowledge and skills.
  • Our Maximum Margin Policy allows you to reach the full potential of your account.
  • Our Negative Balance Protection Program acts as a built-in risk management system and prevents losses that exceed your balance.
  • Our proprietary platform enables you to access hundreds of financial instruments from all corners of the globe, while providing localized solutions in your native language.

Main features of large custodial platforms

  • Centralized exchanges that ask users to perform mandatory tasks to sign up and verify their identity
  • Fees can be expensive because the platform takes a percentage of the initial investment
  • High level of trust in the centralized exchange platform (holds the private keys to the tokens and the funds behind - subject to hacking)

Main features of custodial platforms

  • Open-source, permission less on-chain platform for trades to take place so that there is no need to trust a third party with your private keys
  • Trading is completed utilizing smart contracts on the Ethereum network instead of being done on a centralized platform (not the only platform supporting decentralized exchange)

Main features of non-custodial platforms

  • No account is required to trade, so this model is perfect for individuals who simply want to trade quickly. It is also good for people who do not want to rely on an exchange or doubt to entrust an exchange with personal information. The environment offers a higher degree of anonymity and security.
  • A non-custodial exchange does not hold your money as a custodial one does and the transaction is carried out instantly on your behalf. Shortly after the trade, the crypto is automatically deposited back into your possession