Cedigo Impact

Cedigo Corporate Social Responsibility

We are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact through our investments and to strengthen the communities in which we live and work.

Our Approach

We believe it is not only possible to do well while doing well – it’s imperative. We are always seeking a better approach – from better tools to better services – to the challenges that face our clients, our people and the communities we serve. A good company challenges the status quo; a great company changes it for the better. We are committed to responsible investing practices and incorporate them into everything we do.

Empowering Our People

It is not enough to help others in need. Social responsibility starts right at home with the thousands of people at Cedigo who are committed to giving back. That’s why we’re so dedicated to our people. The more we do for them, the more they can do for their communities.

Reducing Environment Impact

We have responsibilities to leave the world a better place for future generations. Our approach to environmental sustainability focuses on measurable operational interventions to reduce resource usage across our portfolio and investments in large- scale renewable energy opportunities around the world.

Bringing sustainability back to core business values

We deploy our dedicated operations team to help portfolio companies minimize environmental impact, aligning sustainability with core business objectives.

Fostering Social Responsibility

It takes more than capital to build great companies-it takes great people. We believe that when companies take care of their employees and the people in their communities, the benefits are immense.

Further diversity and Inclusion

Cedigo International Initiative plays a critical role in how we attract and helping us build a stronger, more diverse and more inclusive workforce.

Promoting Economic development

"We are committed to fostering innovative ideas, promoting healthy economies and enabling social progress across the globe right now and for generations to come."

Improving healthcare across our portfolio

We founded Equity Healthcare to help deliver smarter, more cost-efficient healthcare to employees across the Cedigo portfolio.